Three wedding couples from Dalarna

From Floda, Dalarna, between ca. and ca.


In front, from left to right: Brita Johansson, Utgårds-Sara, a sister to the groom, 
and the wedding couple Emma and Janne Lindberg. Back row: Erika Halvarsson, 
Sofia Holmström Maria Halvarsson, Rabb-Johan (the father of the groom) 
Olle på högen Bergslags - Matsson, between 1890 and 1910

Olle Björs, Heden (1872-1952) and Kari Anbo, Hästberg, 1901


Lupineke said...

Oh, although the groom gives a little smile, the woman on the first picture doesn't look to happy ;)

Aputsiaq said...

I think it was a time when photos and smiles did not always go today. It was more serious business...and so was marriage ;O)